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Saturday, January 24, 2009

The 12th Man Steelers Song: Listen, Lyrics, & Purchase

The 12th Man by Dusty Drake

LYRICS: The words to The 12th Man can be found in this post.


Option 1
If you have iTunes software already on your computer, you can download the single for 99¢
(with DRM). If you want to install iTunes, the program is free from Apple. Windows XP and Mac OS X versions are available.

Option 2
If you don't have iTunes, or if you'd rather buy the single on a CD and rip your own DRM-less mp3, you can get it through Froggyland/Keymarket Radio, via PayPal (includes a charge-card option, and you can do it with or without a PayPal account), for $3.99 + $2.00 shipping.

▪ MySpace:
▪ Rhapsody:


There you go, folks. Happy to be of service
. I hope that benefits accrue to Mr. Drake as a result of this little pro bono digital-resource-aggregation project. Dusty and Steve deserve lots of good karma (and a nice check) for having paid Steeler Nation this musical tribute. Speaking for myself as a Country Music Avoider, this is high praise. And watching the temporary spike in my site traffic will provide me with an amusing distraction while I wait for The Game to commence next Sunday. GOOOOOOO STILLERS!


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