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Monday, January 26, 2009

No Twanging: 'Stairway To Seven' & 'Steelers D'

I knew I could find some new rock-and-roll Steeler tunes if I poked around enough.

These are both by Rich Banks, and all I know about him so far is that he's a professional singer, musician, and voice-over artist from Newbury Park, CA. Is he a Yinzer, or just a member of the Nation? I'm guessing the former, because he sings about the Parkway West like he's spent a lot of time not moving on it.

Stairway_To_Seven.mp3Stairway To Seven - covers Led Zeppelin's Stairway To Heaven. (Like I need to tell you that?) Warning: If you're a Flying Rat fan who has misguidedly stumbled upon this blog, you do not want to click on this button. The lyrics were written right before the AFC title game, so you should just turn around and go home now. THREE TIMES IN ONE YEAR, you lame wannabees.

Steelers_D.mp3Steelers D - covers AC/DC's T.N.T. Rakes big-time on the Cardinals. "Edge James needs a hospital rooooom..."

Both of these songs feature overdubbed bits from Cope-and-Hillgrove radio broadcasts. In the AC/DC tune, the use of Myron's "yoi"s in place of the original "oi"s is so freakin' perfect it should be taught as an example at Harvard Parody School. Banks' ability to mimic style is also very impressive - perhaps not a surprise, since being a musical chameleon appears to be his day job.

On Banks' website, he has posted the tunes as garden-variety downloadable mp3 files, so I don't think he should mind if I borrow his links. [Addendum, 2/4/09 - he has password-protected the page with the files on it, so don't bother to go there.] He's got some other (non-Steeler) streaming samples, short but very nice, on his MySpace page.


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